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a possible recession if the deal on taxes is not reached. investors continued to worry if the u.s. will avoid the dreaded fiscal cliff, let's not point out the most previous minutes. plus retail cannot escape hurricane sandy. sending sales numbers down about 1%. a 4% rise in profits, jumping as much as 32% right now. staples looking good after having higher on all kinds of news. check out what else is soaring today. finally getting an earnings report that people like better-than-expected earnings after the bell yesterday, expected optimistic guidance. the chairman and ceo, 24 hours since those numbers came out, we will ask him if he investors should be expecting more numbers like today and what does he think about the fiscal cliff. what ideas does he have the president right now. and why we dropped 50 points farther from where we were already. down about 78 points, fell 122 down, now it does not look good. why? >> why? i thought maybe you would say something positive. i think we are just dealing with the aftermath of the election. this is not unexpected. it is the same old rhetoric, the same
's losses. now, on the upside, we've got a stronger u.s. currency. the u.s. dollar muscling higher, finding firmer footing and hitting a two-month high against the euro today. but the price of oil in part because of the stronger dollar -- stronger dollar is lower. crude oil dropping today after the energy information administration reported a bigger than expected build in crude supplies. we get it every wednesday. that was of course for the last week, plus european central bank president's draghi negative comments about the euro zone economy, all of this weighing on oil. we see oil moving to the down side. speaking of europe, take a look at this video right now. came in a few minutes ago. more than 80,000 greek protesters outside of parliament turning violent ahead of the austerity vote to avoid financial disaster. we have had reports of fires burning, smoke as we're seeing the sun go down at this point, not going to be a good night there in greece. we are keeping our eye on that very fluid situation. protests, elections, hurricanes, nor'easters. okay, is lightning striking me here? we have
. markets had been torn between solid manufacturing we got here in the u.s. this morning, october durable goods orders, big gigantic items that are supposed to last more than three to five years, washing machines, that number came in ahead of expectations in october rising to five month high. if you include things like cars and trucks and then take out airplanes, out of the equation, that's what happened. we did get some relief for greece. finance ministers say yes to the next installment of loans essentially kicking the can down the road one more time, but for the moment the markets like it. a washington, a fly in the ointment, deal negotiations have stalled. senate majority leader reid says little progress is being made so the fiscal cliff remains a distinct possibility come january 1st, keeping some buyers on the side lines as well. that's what you see here. coming up, governors can't afford to stall. they have to balance their budget. day two of our governors on the edge, our series on how individual states are dealing with the budget mess. it is a fox business exclusive. delaware gov
and unleashed that on your screen, the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. shares of bp moving slightly higher today but down 7% this year. let's check out gold, sliding to a one week low acting more like a commodity than a save haven in this volatile market. we talked to george euro on thursday and he said it is not be taking how you think it would for a couple reasons, number one being people don't have enough money to buy gold. when you hear that 60% of the s&p 500 companies are in correction territory i begin to wonder do any of our traders think this is a screaming buy for the markets or are they saying this is a past thing? traders at the stock exchange, cme group and nynex, john cortines, screaming buy or dipping your toe in or standing by? >> you got a special co-host on monday, myself, i am looking forward to that. , and i'm looking forward to the experience. the market does not have enough strength. and other trading days this session. the market runs out of steam. it is not so far today. investors look at this, they see red and the market down. this adds to the negative senti
macro as well as fiscal -- global macro overhangings as well as fiscal challenges here in the u.s. this will be punctuated supremely by the noises in the narrative coming out of washington. the president is meeting with business leaders or he's meeting with labor unions and nonprofits today. business leaders tomorrow. and then legislators on the third day. an interestingly enough there's no wall street or banking business leaders outside of american express and that group. i suppose elections have challenges when they happen, they have consequences when they happen. that's what we will see with these discussions. cheryl: you still stay market is oversold. if that were truly the case, why even on a day like today, when we were up almost 100 points and then boom a pullback, it seems like if we're that oversold, there's buying opportunities on a day like today. >> we've had the market oversold with some of our quantitative work since middle of september. because of overhang of all the issues we're dealing with. europe came back into the fore right up to the election. the market can't
, the yen is getting weaker and weaker. the flight to safety going to the euro dolla euro dollar and e u.s. dollar. let's wait and see how this plays out on monday, it ought to be very interesting. cheryl: it is never boring. let's go over to the nymex. tom, certainly not boring in the oil market in particular watching all of the news unfolding out of the middle east. how are you feeling? >> i'm glad it's wednesday, i'md i'm glad we are closed. up $1 on the open and gave it all back, ending up with a rally at the end of the day. you would see oil probably six or $7 cheaper. as long as there are problems in the middle east, you will see oil maintaining above $85. cheryl: $6 or $7 cheaper, why do you say that specifically? is their lack of demand, traditional winter driving season, what is it? >> it is a combination of them. we are driving even less than we normally do in the summer. i think also you will see the dollar strengthen as your previous guest said. the dollar will be a flight to safety, nfs gets stronger, oil should go lower. it'll be held up by the middle east. cheryl: thank you
, should investors be looking outside the u.s. glove up their it has not these people's concerns about their money and savings. our next guest talks about why this may be outside of our borders. don't go away. liz: take a look on the screen right now. we have priceline, to travel stocks, priceline.com, strong quarterly earnings. burchard advisors part, they lead the way. 20% of the day and we have other travel sites getting swept up in all of us. a very big boost from all of this. sending green arrows all across the board for many of these, including kayak and orbitz. getting to big news. this has become a staging area for emergency vehicles. coming to us courtesy of wnyw. everyone is waiting with the emergency vehicles, ambulances, waiting. the question is, what do they waited -- what are they waiting for? due to gridlock issues and other issues, it is not looking good. some people say that it is good to keep business up and it is good to keep going, but sometimes it's not easy during the state street investor sentiments may be a little too lax. we have a guest joining us on a fox bus
crucial part of the business as the u.s. economy tries to rebuild itself? >> it is an important part of the businnss. also challenged. you have to look at europe and what is going on, european travelers are not going to be traveling to the extent they have in the past but then you have brazil which is a growing and booming business in terms of traveling into new york and los angeles and florida certainly and the asian market. the fastest growing talk in terms of international stocks. i am hoping these international travelers will upset what is going on in europe today and overall similar -- this tour was unbelievable in terms of the international countries coming in this morning. i must have heard 50 different languages standing at the door in 18 minutes so clearly the international traveler at the square. cheryl: let me ask about the u.s. economy. a big discussion many ceos are telling us the fiscal cliff isn't passing uncertainty, makes them nervous. what will my tax rate look like next year? what will regulation look like? what will regulation look like? do you have the same conce
-year low. globally around the country think okay, despite what happens in the u.s. liz: who made that? >> europe 600. liz: some of the biggest names in europe. it is an interesting point. >> i look at copper, silver, look at the euro bought 130, we saw weakness in the dollar and the equity market right or wrong proceeds weakness in the dollar. if you want to look at oil today and next week we have some real concerns, adp on manufacturing, a chance for that to come in on the cycle of the market will pull back it will come in the middle of next week off until december 12 and the poetry election, is the question of strength and weakness looking at the economic calendar as well. liz: we will talk about the japanese parliamentary election. thanks to all of you for joining us on the floor. talk about headlines missed. the market practically hugging every word that comes out of washington whether it is president obama making comments, speaker john boehner, harry reid, the market tanks and any signs of disagreement. don't fret, next guest is here to tell you about how to behave in this atmosp
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regarding the dividend because we have a lot of our cash that's generated outside the u.s. and that puts a ceiling on how much dividend we can give back to our shareholders. hopefully through this reform process, through the tax reform process, there will be more favorable regulations regarding overseas income, and when and if that happens, you know, we'll look at our dividend again, but right now we're really constrained by the fact that a lot of our cash is generated outside the u.s. liz: with the president re-elected, four more years, would you like to get his ear, and if so, if you got it, what would you tell president obama about business and about what you do? >> well, a number of things. you know, first of all, move more quickly in healthcare towards pay for value. i think that in the end is extremely important as opposed to pay for procedure, for the overall health of healthcare and matching the cost and value of healthcare. the second area is really the one i touched upon, get tax reform done, help us with maybe some form of territorial tax and help us with income that's generat
to hammer out another deal in greece in providing another loan package. you also can't count out the u.s. as a source of uncertainty for the market as well. we're just 35 days away from the fiscal cliff. january 1st more than 600 billion dollars in both cuts and tax hikes, spending cuts kicking in and it will affect the state you live in in some way shape or form. today we're kicking off governors on the edge week on countdown to the closing bell. we are finding out how pennsylvania is affected by the budget mess. governor corbett is talking about the impact on state finances but perhaps more importantly why he is not waiting around and he and his team are trying to work on make sure they don't fall into the abyss with the rest of the country. >>> now hewlett-packard is now up 2 1/4%. we just heard through reuters we're confirming it here on fox business that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against hewlett-packard, a law firm -- we're looking at this issue with autonomy, it's a company they had to write down the acquisition by billions and billions of dollars. so clearly this is th
news. robert: getting ready for your thanksgiving meals here, a u.s. bankruptcy judge that the parties have agreed to mediation here, we're talking about of course hostess and the unions. they've agreed to a mediation tomorrow in the hostess case. remember, hostess had filed to liquidate basically, the bankruptcy judge says he's concerned about job losses, looking at about 18 1/2 thousand job losses after 33 plants that have been shut down by hostess, they make the twinkies. bankruptcy judge says the case is adjourned until 11:00 a.m. wednesday to make room for the mediation tomorrow. he had ordered the two sides to go back and talk. we will see if they can come up with anything before. remember keep in mind the bakers union unable to come to agreement with concessions with management there at hostess. we will continue to follow this very closely. back to you, liz. liz: diners all around the nation were having to change and black out certain parts of their menu, frozen and the -- right. robert: the deep-fried -- liz: can't do that. it just scares me. thank you very much. with the s&p e
. remember the firm that downgraded the u.s. credit rating last summer, they are saying if the government is unsable to agree on fiscal tightening, then the rating will be pressured. they say there's a 15% chance the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff. liz: that's important breaking news. the ratings agencies which already some of them downgraded us a year ago august would say they would have to revisit that issue? >> that's what they are saying. it would be pressured is their terminology. the headlines just crossing right now. boeing bucking the down trend just quickly first year they are on pace to outsell rival airbus out of europe since 06. liz: that's big news. hey, thank you very much. let's look at it, boeing here year to date. it's been flat to slightly higher, choppy trading. one thing for sure, healthcare, you know, we're watching this very closely because the affordable healthcare act with president obama still in power looks to be sitting tight and staying there, not being repealed. let's get to alex. he is the morningstar healthcare analyst director. this reelection of the presi
and are perhaps at fault for the lower corporate earnings or at least some of them this quarter. u.s. chief market strategist for ing investment management, 170 billion in assets over there, he is joining us exclusively. i don't know where to start. we have the corporate earnings picture which to me wasn't that bad. somebody yesterday told me what do you mean 72% have beat on their estimates of s&p 500 companies, the beats weren't that great, but i'm looking for silver linings. you see this carrying over into q4? >> yes, the big number today is manufacturing. why it's so important, it is a predictor of future corporate earnings. i was very concerned when i saw three consecutive months during the summer of negative manufacturing. it looks like this third quarter was predicting the negative earnings. we are at negative earnings -- corporate earnings about minus 1, minus 2 percent. but we just had a second consecutive positive manufacturing. ism manufacturing is always the first day of a new month. and this was over expectations. we are expecting a pullback. this is what surprised the market. this is
and oil importing countries. if you look at the u.s., in the past always been a concern to equity risks in general. if you want to understand what the oil market has been this year and energy market in general, two key relationships. the first is between wti and brent. we have seen that thread work out to all-time highs. i believe right now december on december, is about $23. meaning the price of brent is $23 higher than price of wti. that can be explained by what came out of the report today. there's a shift taking place. obviously supply in the united states is at highs. and cheap oil in general is a very bullish thing for commodities. where cheap oil begins to become a problem like in 08 is if it's associated with weak economic growth. we need to keep that balance very close and watch that as we head throughout the week here. cheryl: john, one thing i will say as a caveat there is that the weather, which is always unpredictable looking like it is going to be a really rough winter, heating oil, things like that, are you making bets in those markets now? >> you know, it is funny becaus
? lower. and you say that can't be. u.s. treasuries as scary as this is are still a great bet because they are the place to hide. >> today we have a very sustainable recovery in automotives, driven by genuine replacement need, great new product and terrific financing, and the industry is profitable at the retail, the buyer and manufacturer levels. it is a bright spot in the u.s. economy. >> you look at our guidance on device shipments, we actually took our numbers down in developed markets and up in emerging markets so it's a lot of strength in the emerging markets, and i think that's going to continue to go forward. liz: business leaders, that's what you get on this show. they speak to fox business. they tell you the real story of what is going on out there. closing bell ringing in 29 minutes. s&p is still up by more than 4 points. we have a little breathing room here. the verdict is jackpot. one of the tv judges is about to be featured on a brand new slot machine. that's right. instead of having out verdicts, they could be handing you some big winnings. up next, a fox business exclu
-trading charges with the securities and exchange commission in burger king before the second-largest u.s. fast-food chain agreed to a buyout back in 2010. the sec alleged $1.5 million were made in illicit profits. burger king was purchased by 3d capital partners for $3.3 billion. now we continue count down to the closing bell with liz claman. >> charlie gasparino comes rolling down the fence, dumps six points. charlie: i have been talking up this market forever. liz: one fast-food company may have been off more it can chew in china but lauren simonetti at the stock exchange. >> yum brands warning of a drop in sales in chhna, their biggest market this quarter, but the reaction down 10% at 6684 for the owner of taco bell, pizza hut and kfc. as one person is saying the stock is oversold because yesterday they were at the highest level ever. the research firm says the media is creating a china scare, yum brands of our diverse and it is a good pick for the long term but nonetheless second biggest loser on the s&p 500. liz: we like the leadership there. thank you very much. the battle over night tra
situation t g-20 -- the g 20 and our own u.s. elections so this tape is pretty susceptible to some volatility. liz: it truly looks like it is at this point. so is energy. we are looking at an energy market that was down rather pointedly on friday, but now it is up not that dramatically. we keep looking at this stock, nrc, they of course make generators, up another 11%. it's seen a jump of more than 40% since the storm hit. and it just makes it look like the one sort of business angle out of all of this, and what we have learned is gasoline, boy,ly tell you something, no power, no gasoline, people are trying to already plan ahead. >> yeah, i know. we rallied here about a dollar towards the close here, kind of unchanged about 1:00, and had a good rally to end the day. i mean, everywhere -- i live in new jersey, and everyone i know or most people have a generator and their biggest concern isn't really whether they have electricity it is about whether they can get gas. it hasn't been that bad. the closer you are to the city, it is bad. if you go out to western jersey or down to souther
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